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David Gonçalves

Emprestar gelo

25 julho > 11 setembro _2024

Mupi Gallery

O olho vê

O dedo queima.

Tudo é manipulado,

Undo Duplicate

Em vez de suavizar as imperfeições características,

Blur Sharpen

Enalteçamos e celebramos a complexidade!

A variedade e as diferenças - criação de mundos ideais,

Import Export

Reinos de formas perfeitas,

Topos Flip

Deitar na terra,

All Layers Bring Forward

Corpo Metamorfose para a revolução,

System Preferences

Sem limites aparecem nos perguntas que abrem possibilidades:

Como rompemos estas arestas e esses perímetros?

Como escapamos das molduras e caminhos já constituídos, desenhados para que todos sejamos

iguais, perfeitos - regulamentados?

Quem desenha?


MUPI Gallery

MUPI Gallery is a dedicated image gallery that was inaugurated in May 2015 in the foyer of the performance hall at Maus Hábitos. Since then, it has been hosting a diverse program of individual exhibitions by local and international artists in different states of emergence.

The primary objectives of Mupi Gallery are to support the creation of new works and visual experiences while promoting the artistic journey of the invited artists. It challenges them to present a new solo artwork that takes advantage of the unique characteristics and prominent display format. Additionally, it aims to showcase the national contemporary art scene by introducing the solid work of local artists as well as emerging names in the visual arts.

As a gallery dedicated to individual exhibitions, Mupi Gallery complements the artistic programming of Saco Azul/Maus Hábitos. It provides a contrast to the exhibition hall's program, which focuses on artistic encounters and dialogue through collective and crossover exhibitions.

Saco Azul invites one artist per month to occupy the backlit triptych, promoting the creation of works that utilize images as a means of contemporary artistic expression. Through production grants, it affirms or questions the role of images in the present day. Comprising three urban advertising communication Mupis provided by JcDecaux to Maus Hábitos, this gallery is not only interesting for its physical characteristics but also for its cultural impact and inherent commercial connotation. The artist is challenged to react or interact with this structure, embracing all its capabilities and connotations.

24.07.25 David Gonçalves

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24.07.25 David Gonçalves
24.07.25 David Gonçalves


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24.07.25 David Gonçalves

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