24 Fevereiro
WEDNESDAY NIGHT FEVER sessions are back! In this new period of social isolation, we want to continue to inspire you with the visions of our female filmmakers. This way, in partnership with Maus Hábitos, Saco Azul and Avenida Café-Concerto, these streaming movie nights will take place again until we can return to our favorite theaters. For these “Wednesday nights' fever”, we share with you some of the Official Selection of the 3rd edition of Porto Femme. A “Wednesday night fever” that gives us an impulse to create bridges and to meet virtually so we can share some films with you. We fight against this virus by creating a cinematic epidemic with the mission of making some female filmmakers known. This session, entitled "Woman's body” by women directors at WNF, is already the 6th but the second of this 2.0 season, that will take place on February 24th at 9 pm (Portugal time) on the Facebook pages of @portofemme, @saco.azul.associacao.cultural, @mhabitos and @avenidacc. The world needs great actions and measures. We keep isolating but also assuring our purpose in small gestures and actions. Program SELMA AFTER THE RAIN Women’s Struggles and Rights Award – Special Mention Brazil | 11’38’’ | 2020 Director: Loli Menezes Cast: Selma Light, Amélia Bittencourt Producer: Loli Menezes, Ana Paula Mendes Synopsis Selma is a trans woman who built her life away from the family. One day she gets a call to go to her elderly mother, who suffers from Alzheimer's and needs treatment. In this encounter, lost in confused memories, the two women remember forgotten pains and desires, and revisit lost guilt and affection. RIPPLES UK | 5’23’’ | 2017 Director: Aleksandra Czenczek Cast: Rosalind Seal, Georgia Winters, Emily Thomas Producer: Adriana Kulig Synopsis Maggie, a young woman with a generous body, arrives at a swimming pool. She loves swimming and being in the water; that is the only place where she can feel relaxed, light and free, far from the judging looks of other people. Today's swim though, unexpectedly for her, is not as usual. MY VAGINA LABYRINTH Taiwan | 5’00’’ | 2019 Director: BadBadMeowMeow Producer: BadBadMeowMeow Synopsis Vagina labyrinth is an animation with a video game style, based on a female perspective. A contemporary image of female body eroticism. The sexual experience that enters the vagina can be imagined as a maze adventure. Players have to go through various levels in this vaginal maze to unlock arousing passions and attack the clitoris ... until the treasure of the orgasm can be excavated. In the video, a large number of symbols of body and sex are used to show female eroticism and fantasy. FANTASMIA Germany | 7’22’’ | 2019 Director: Luise Fiedler Producer: Luise Fiedler Synopsis Spasms and cries that echo through the night announce the presence of a new being. She says it's going to be a masterpiece. GODMOTHERS: VAGINISMUS STORIES Spain | 18’38’’ | 2019 Director: Laura Laplana Cast: Montse Arbós, Jacqueline Bordón Producer: Laura Laplana Synopsis Vaginismus is a condition in which involuntary contractions of muscles in the vagina makes penetration impossible. It has been considered a psychological problem without specific treatment but the protagonists of this short film prove these theories wrong with their stories of overcoming vaginismus with physiotherapy. Diana, Iraida and Jacqueline begin to shape an artistic project that they want to exhibit soon. Montse began years ago to organize an association. All of them want vaginismus to stop being invisible, and for that they have to name it and tell it. Because as they well know, what has no name does not exist.

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